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11.11.2011This Branch is the 5th in Kuwait and is to most new spas and most experienced in aria and in Arabian Gulf, This Spa is extended from Herbal Spas from China and Sri Lanka therapist and treatments which is imported in Kuwait to presents the most relaxing and luxury services to you  




19.12.2011 Dear Visitor you well have a nice gifts in this date and every year on the same of this date 19/Dec and you you well get more if you visit the spa or if you email us



Herbal Spa is the 1st Spa in Kuwait doing and using the session with the Ayurvedic Herbs imported from India & Sri Lanka












Our specialize , Foot Spa , Reflexology , Body & Nail Care , Relaxing time , drag the exhausted , Moroccan and Arabic's Bathes  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Herbal Spa is the most spas in Kuwait looking all the time to developing the services and the experience of the staff & the Herbal tame so we can says laud and browed that we are the No.1 in the aria

Herbal spa Facial treatments

the Facial is not treatment to clean the face only its treatment to smooth , clean , remove the black heads and make the face shining and sparkling as the face to be and to relaxing the exhausted time and to get what is you deserved

Volcano stone

We are the only one serving you in Kuwait and in The aria with the experience hands of the therapist who is gave you the Volcano Stone the hot Volcano stones which is wormed your back and drag all the exhausted time by treatments age more than 100 years